Introducing Fabcrete:Elevating Tile and Stone Fixing to an Art Form

At Fabcrete, we understand that the beauty of tiles and stones is meant to last a lifetime. In an age where the word "long-lasting" has taken a back seat to quantity for many companies, we have steadfastly remained committed to a singular principle: quality. As a distinguished brand in the realm of construction chemicals, epoxy, adhesives, admixtures, sealers, and various other applications including grouting and waterproofing, we take immense pride in upholding the timeless virtues of craftsmanship and excellence.


Comprehensive Site Solutions

At Fabcrete, we understand that each construction site presents unique challenges. That's why we've structured our organization to cater specifically to the diverse needs of different sites and applications. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to professionals in the building industry, ensuring they have everything they need for successful projects.

  • Residential Buildings


  • COMMERCIAL Building


  • public area

Why Choose Us?

Easy Product Access

Explore our simplified product range for convenient bulk orders at local stores, minimizing excess stock and simplifying your selection.

Ready to mix Products

Effortless application with modernized polymers come from our own manufacturing unit. Our resources guarantee ISO 9001-certified high-spec products.

Budget Friendly Solutions

Our cost-effective products and services are tailored for specific applications, ensuring an ideal look without breaking the bank.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary focus is your satisfaction. We prioritize your needs and feedback to deliver exceptional service and products.

Time Efficient Tile Installation

Compared to the traditional method of applying sand-cement mixture individually to each tile, our approach saves time and boosts efficiency.